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Emoticon Show

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Emoticon Show

Beitrag von Dragon65 am Do Nov 12, 2009 4:04 pm

Laugh, Sad, Wink, Goodbye...

It's fun to add emoticons in your conversations while gaming but do you know the different types of emoticons that is available?

Emoticon show is about to begin! You would need to show the emoticon to
the GM when they request for it quickly and you might have a chance to
win some nifty rewards! Hurry up and participate! We'll see you

Date & Time: 14.11 (Sat) , 15.11 (Sun) 11pm – 12am (GMT+8 )

Event Task:
1.During the event, GM will announce the type of emoticon in world channel.
2.GM will announce 10 types of emoticon every 5 minutes.
3.Player need to reply with the emoticon requested by the GM as soon as possible. For example: /GM Emoticon.
4.The first five player who successfully replies will be rewarded.
5.Each player only has one chance to win the reward.
6.There are 100 winners in total for the event (50 winners per day).

1m In-game gold (each)

Event rules:
there be unforeseen circumstances that might arise during the course of
event, in such instances the organizer retains the rights to alter /
terminate / amend any details of the event without further notification.

Interactive will not be held responsible for any network interruption,
or latency issues caused by a players ISP or Internet connectivity. The
event will proceed as scheduled and neither extension nor compensation
will be awarded.

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